you seem to like me

you seem to like me-           
            even love.
I see it in your eyes,
            crinkling up
when you smile at me
            most times.
but then you are silent.           

where do you put it away
            I wonder.
I find it in my finger nail
wrapped 'round my hair
            that’s knotted.
my DNA is encoded with it.

the children will come in fast
            and furious.
their love bubbles out of them
            in torrents.
it’s raucous and undeniably
what happens to that liberty.

I want to give that to you-
your silence can sit on my
            window sill,
find solace in time spent in
not caught up in others’ pith and fury.

it’s hard to say what I want-
it hasn’t taken form, though contentedly
not unlike a child’s seamless love,
            I expect,
you are all I need to finally soar.

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