All Hallow's Host

All souls race
slick black
rain leaved,
pavement toward
the door
I leave open.

Alone they find
dust piled
in corners
that tell
tall tales
of another haunt.

The sun’s been
gone now
for hours,
night’s nearly
grasped the
last of it.

I wait standing
to feel
their warmth
come ‘round
in circles
to finally settle.

Ever Green

Out of the wood
bucks exploded
flying across
the ancient path
that guided me
with seashells,
the pilgrim’s mark,
and Roman ruins.

Sweaty beasts
agily leaping
into the pine
their rush
spreading needles
across the path
drawing scent

Breathful they
still the air
quiet captive.

Pine sweat.
Pine scent.
Pine sweet.

Our shoes
knock concrete
my love always
looking to
buy trinquets
to soothe
time not spent
on same road.

Frasier fir wax
lit, reminiscent
of the ever
green of Spain
timeless beat
of a tramp
toward sacred.

Like the beast
he will come
and go so fast
leaving  me
to conjure
his stillness.

Some Sister She

He married  his sister.
Happily ever for now.
She’s just   moved up   
from his past to    live,
hers is where she  left
it decades ago    when
she was just a       girl.

I have read.    Siblings
are true life    partners   
that connect us      our
collective     memories
 young innocent naive
untethered to    worlds
of   required  attention.

Some sister        she is
from a block he  knew
lost too    forked roads
boomeranged          to
life before      age hurt
oh, incestuous      rapt.
playpark of   standstill.