For It Is Spring

The cold that steals a path still

into my house on the exposed corner 

of the street it sits on

isn’t aware of the date, instead

pushes through on a gulf stream

still running down from Northern climes.

But the sun, uncompromised by drifts of air,

balances the chill with a sideway stare

through the blinds that has altered

how the day begins, confirming that

the season has changed, moving

light from dull to bright.

Just months ago, I wanted for dreary

when now it feels too heavy;

gray and gray and gray has tempered

any color that imagination inspires

and kills the flower, wilts the green,

and pulls all energy underground.

On this morning, the sun illuminates

all of winter’s debris found in dust

on table tops and corners and among 

the bric-a-brac that accumulates, 

the chore is happily attended to 

Clearing the way for its landing.

Months from now as the sun drones on

showing itself as summer’s dog days,

I’ll wish for shorter days to return

to dim the light so that work can stop

and I can bundle up again to ward off

the inevitable cold and darkness.

But today, on this first day,

in the excitement for a new thing,

I will revel in the fantastic turn

of the Earth as it gives a closer look

at the Sun and what it has to offer,

for it is Spring.