He came to supper that first time carryin’ gladiolas.
Well, we all know that gladiolas ain’t glad ta see ya.
They tend to crowd ‘round oak and prayer books
Looking at your last appearance in this world.

I held tight to those yella flowers like none others.
It had been a long time since a fella came a callin'
With something green and petaled in his hands.
It seemed sincere ‘nough, made me happier than nits.

Him and me, we spent loads of time stittin' togetha
Pulling weeds and rakin’ our souls through mud.
Getting close, real close, like what people can do
Even if they ain’t related or betrothed and all.

But he never did give me nothin’ else ‘til right now.
Course what he gave, no one would be envious of.
Cause he gave me the feeling that he never looked,
Never took a real good look and liked what he saw.

He messed with me real bad come to think of it.
Took real good parts of me and whittled ‘em down.
Sucked the marrow out of me- dog gone dry
Like I was nuthin’ worth a good chew.

If'n when I die, I tell you this from my brok'n heart,
I don’t want no goddamn gladiolas on my rest.
I’d take twigs pulled up at the root and holding dirt
Over those dang flowers that he brought to supper.

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