Huevos Machacado

With the best tortillas in the city,
I like to wrap up a spoonful of 
beans and rice, salsa
and the salty beef egged mixture 
for a bite of all of the flavors
rolled together into one.

I guess that’s how I liked you too:
wrapped in my blankets
with a little of this and a little
of that, something for me 
to sink my teeth into and
feast on all afternoon.

I stopped by the restaurante
today looking for a little
nourishment. Don’t get me 
wrong, I loved the taste of 
pepper and egg and meat
tucked tight but

I’d rather have a couple
of hours wrestling with 
you, falling to the floor
in tumbles of spice and 
tequila like back in the 
good ole days.

Amigo, I’m hungry.

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