let the right one in

belly button to
soft hollow
at the base of the throat
armpit to waist,
more rectangled
not one dimensional
but vallied and hilled in
soft waves;
my carcass is
not expansed enough
to hold how I feel.

lulled into a zombie’d
state, I thought
all I had to do
was love.
play in moments
you’d say obsessing,
the loveliness of you.
hours, hours, hours-
knee to knee,
sated, intoxicated,

I planned, prepped,
cooked, opened bottles,
laid the table.
was that the bell?
have you come?
my door will open
to you,
I will let you in.

they are big,
these pulses,
crushing out –
intimidating, daunting,
against the tangle,
but they can settle-
yes, they have a life
of their own,
so much life
that they will
live beyond
what you have known.

ah, but you have never,
leaned in-
sat down
to feast
on the savories and sweets
locally sourced across my
belly and breast.

is that the bell ringing?
have I planned
for the visit.

have you come?
if you do,
I will let you in.

not for what you are,
or what you say,
but for what
you could be,
could mean.
I worry
that you don’t have
an appetite
for what is
but if you hunger
and thirst,
I will let you in
to feast
rectangled, vallied, soft

I will let you in.

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