lost boy in the hood

his tears spilled
over the black top
in the cross walk
as cars moved on.

are you lost?

stopping to see
where he belonged,
his little shoulders
begged for comfort.

it’s ok.
we’ll find help.

she came over
the playground splittin'
‘you not gonna snatch
that boy, hear’

no, I’m not going
to take the boy.

‘he belongs to his
cousins who went
over there, I seen ‘em.’

where do you live?
‘over there at grandmas.
I can’t go there,
I be in trouble.’

‘he alright here.
I seen who he with.’

the cops pulled
over, watching me.
protecting me.

‘he alright here.
I seen who he with.’

sweet boy,
I should’ve
snatched you.
I saw how
you quaked
with fear
for living
in the hood.

I seen you.
I didn’t see
nothin’ else.

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