Boss. he charged me to look at the sign on the wall for a business that failed, we aren’t this. he was old and scraggly, behind the times or so everyone thought, but he’d win the prize ‘cause he was smart like a fox. he gave me the courage to face the deep end and dive in.       Friend. alone. in nyc. with strangers, not my people. escaping, only an address that led me to a street in an unfamiliar neighborhood. Cab. Stoop. Wait. saw him coming down the street. rushing to meet him, he wondered, what’s wrong baby. I confessed. he said, don’t give ‘em the good stuff, never give ‘em the good stuff. he knew what that was about me.     Lover. he loved me long. I’m certain that I was his last thought. powerful. listened to me babble about Babylon. rushed to open my door. put flowers next to my side of the bed. held me tight when he wanted nothing but to do that. Always. Always. Always. forever.     Wanted. someone. who could be a little of all three. just a little. expectant. knowing. devoted.

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